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How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

How To Keep Your Home Cool During Summer

In hotter months, it’s enticing to wrench the AC or plant yourself before the closest fan. In any case, these aren’t the main stunts to keeping cool. It turns out there are a lot of approaches to support your home from the warmth without piling on your electric bill.

The two major things are Insulation and Airing. These are the two factors that need to be taken care of when going for a new home construction. Such factors are responsible for how your home will behave that means how much temperature the home will have in summers.

Insulation to avoid heat during Summer at Home

During summers, the heat of the sun is so high that it becomes very difficult to survive. People do not prefer to step out of their homes during these days. But staying at home really does affect?? The best way to prevent yourself from heat is to have proper insulation for each and every door, window and walls so that not even a little amount of heat can enter the home. This is profitable because, when you are at home and switch on your AC, the thing is that if there is proper insulation in the home, you will observe the downfall in the room temperature. The cool air that is coming from AC will not go outside and no hot air from outside can enter the home. This can only be done by proper insulation.

 insulation doors and windows

For insulation, the doors, windows that are exposed to heat or are in direct contact with the heat needs to be covered as this will let you have a downfall in the temperature of the home during day time.

Air Circulation for Cooling

Insulation can help during the day time as it is very hot during the day time while in the evening, the cool breezes can be useful for cooling the home. Switching on the AC for all the time is not possible, neither is it good for health not for your pocket. Having the AC all the time will make it increase the electricity consumption and at last will increase your electricity bill. To prevent this and having a cooler area at home, you need to design the doors and windows of the home in such a way that cross ventilation is possible. This designing of the doors and windows can be done only at the time of new home construction.

When you are going for a new home construction, it is necessary to take care of the designing of the home and the placement of doors and windows so that the air can easily cross through them. This will make you have a comfortable living in the home just by cross ventilation through the doors and windows.

Some more the tips that will work to keep your home during summers:

Reduce the Heat Inside

  • On the off chance that you have rooms directly under your rooftop keep your rooftop protected 
  • Appropriate protection on divider will shield your home from heat just as from cold as well 
  • During the day time when temperature is high keep every one of your entryways and windows shut. It forestalls an inflow of warmth inside. 
  • Attempt to limit the utilization of Gas, Electrical Ovens and so on that produces heat. 
  • There are many warmth sources that we frequently overlook. Attempt to turn off the force sources when these are not being used. These gadgets create heat if the force sources are on. 
    • Chargers 
    • Remain by gadgets, for example, Computers, Laptops 
  • The external piece of cooling apparatuses, for example, Refrigerator, Freezer causes heat along these lines, on the off chance that you put them in a neighboring room it can forestall warming different rooms and leaving region. 
  • Driven lights produce negligible measure of warmth thusly, attempting to utilize it rather than Bulbs or whatever other thing that can transform your home into a warming broiler.

Let it be Cool Inside

  • During the night on the off chance that you keep your windows all the way open it will assist with chilling off the temperature inside your home. The cross ventilation process serves to inflow the delicate breeze that diminishes the crazy impact of warmth. 
  • While putting the garments for drying attempt to put a fan behind it. The dampness of the garments will assist you with picking up coolness out of it while drying. 
  • Attempt to put Bamboo chick shades at galleries, windows it retains heat normally. 
  • Attempt to limit the use of lights during the day time. As much as you keep your rooms dim it will be cooler.


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