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"Experience Our Personalized and Convenient Interior Design Process"​​

We at H-Tex are providing various services like residential and commercial construction. While designing any home or building, the another most important aspect is the interior and exterior design which provides a beautiful ascent to the building or home.

Stylish In-Home Design Ideas

While designing any home, one of the most important parts is that how it will look once it is completed. It is necessary to have an awesome design for any residential area as it provides grace to the home. And this requires to have a professional knowledge for designing the best possible design for the new home or building.


Interior/Exterior Architecture

We offer complete interior/exterior design for residential and commercial properties. Our goal is to serve our clients by providing distinctive, modern and elegant design services tailored to their unique needs. Design is famously said to be 99 percent invisible…that’s because you mostly notice it when it doesn’t work, like a door with the wrong handle or an exterior paint that doesn’t feel right. Our company is the premier choice for all of your interior design needs. Our impeccable ability to match your style and preferences with the right solutions sets us apart as one of the premier builders in Houston.